Thursday, January 12, 2012

My trip to Texas

So my BFF"S hubby Jonathan flew me down to Texas from Idaho Falls to visit her for a week back in July! Thank you so much Jonathan! It is great to have a friend who you can act totally care free & goofy & they do they same. See pics down below. We act crazy & think its fun & laugh about it. There are very few people I can do this with since I am not sure how some will think about the way I am, so I keep it to a very few. I am a very weird crazy person & love being silly & so does Jayne can you tell! Maybe that's why she is one of my BFF's. While I was there we went to Olive Garden ( a tradition of ours cause our hubby's don't like it) this was a big night out yet very fun. We went & hung out with another friend of her's that we can act crazy around Jewel. We went to Sanger to hang with her & went to the cemetery to visit Jayne's mom (Her mom loved me & vice versa & I was not able to go to the funeral )we checked on her dad's house since he was out of town. I haven't been to her parents house since we were in college on our road trip we took. We went to church, played some games, watched some really funny movies, went to six flags,went to chucke cheese, and of course who could forget some really awesome shopping. Before I got here I wanted to have a game night so I that could meet a few of her close friends. So we had a game night that turned into a chat fest instead but oh so fun. I now wants to move to Texas cause I thinks that everyone is amazing & so friendly. Oh how I wish that my hubby would move here! That would be so awesome!!! The favorite part of my visit was just the time we spent & chatting up a storm. I loved it & I love her so much! I am so blessed where I can see her once a year! Thanks Jayne for having me in your beautiful home. I love your family...

Really to go out on the town.

Six flags over Texas

Me @ Sam moon

Family pics

Our family pictures are always fun to do. I just love how these one turned out.

Loving brothers

My sweet kiddos

I'm back

Sorry it has been so long since I have updated. I will try to do much better this year..

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Camping w/ the in laws

This past weekend we went camping with my in laws. We went up to Kilgore ID and it was a blast. I put up some of my fav pictures from that trip. I wish that I could have put up all of them but I took over 200 pictures so this is why I had to pick and it was not an easy thing to do.. Hope that all enjoy...

Thats my Zaylee girl.. She had a blast

looking at her self


Corbin's new roller skates.

Garndma & Kaislyn

This is camp

I see you..

My handsome lil guys

My happy lil camper

Oh how she LOVED the mud.

Got love the dirt

The guys hared at work

Talking by the camp fire

When camping you should always have mm's.

The beautiful fire..

4th of July... My fav

Happy 4th

At the paraed

Watching the fireworks

My happy lil girl

Fell asleep while watching the fireworks

The beautiful fireworks

Friday, June 3, 2011

Easter Sunday!

My sweet family


Tory & I

She loves Zaylee


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